The Real Fraud

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Those who want to maintain the illusion the recent presidential election was completely legitimate claim there’s no proof the Russians hacked our voting machines. But it is far too soon to state that as fact; and in a sense, it’s beside the point. It wasn’t necessary to hack the machines, when it was so much easier and cheaper to hack the machine operators.

Clearly, the machine operators – the voters – were hacked by leaked emails, countless fake news stories, and social media posts and comments harmful to only one of the major party candidates . And just as clearly, the hacking was done by Russian operatives. Sadly, it’s becoming more and more likely the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians.

The machine operators – the voters – were also hacked by the Trump campaign’s promulgation and promotion of vicious lies. Some will say this was just politics as usual, but this was one of the dirtiest campaigns in American history.

The machine operators – the voters – were also hacked by FBI Director James Comey, who twice publicly commented on an ongoing investigation involving Hillary Clinton’s emails.  That broke with a longstanding FBI precedent, whereby ongoing investigations were not confirmed or denied.

To make matters worse, Comey did not reveal that the Trump campaign was also being investigated as to possible collusion between the campaign and Russian operatives.  That was potentially a much worse charge, and Comey’s double standard cast considerable doubt on his own fitness for office.

The machine operators – the voters – were also hacked by gerrymandering and voter suppression, including in North Carolina, where a court ruled the excision of minority voters was done with almost surgical precision.  If you’re prevented from voting, then surely your vote was hacked.

Even now, some in positions of power – not to mention a large percentage of the public – are in denial about all this. But to deny all this is to deny the obvious. It is to say countless leaks and fake news articles did not effect the choice of voters. It is to say advertising and propaganda have no effect. In short, it is to deny the power of suggestion. Only a practiced liar would make such fraudulent denials.

Speaking of practiced liars and fraud, the putative president fraudulently claims he actually won the popular vote because millions voted illegally. There’s only two possible conclusions to draw from that: Either he’s lying through his teeth or he’s non compis mentis, which is a high-toned way of saying he’s nuts.

Time will tell whether this president is truly crazy, but there’s little doubt he’s a pathological liar.  And history will judge his presidency the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on the American people.

©Tom Cordle 2017

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3 Responses to The Real Fraud

  1. ricklucke says:

    I think the entire 2016 presidential election was “the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on the American people.” Both Party nominees were frauds. Bot Parties were frauds. The entire process was a disgrace from start to finish. And I think it is definitely true that Trump presents a clear version of severe personality disorder. That can’t be fixed.


  2. Tom Cordle says:

    Sorry, my friend, but there’s simply no comparison between the two major parties. Democrats may move too slowly, but at least they move in the right direction. Republicans, on the other hand, move us on a fast train straight to Hell.

    Our most recent Democratic president saved GM and Chrysler and rid the world of Osama bin Laden. Our present Republican klepto-president is enriching himself and his family at our expense and selling us out to Vladimir Putin.

    The Democrats gave America Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid. the Peace Corps, the Great Society, Civil Rights, Women’s Rights, Gay Rights and the ACA. The Republicans gave America union-busting, deregulation, the S&L crisis, merger mania, massive tax cuts for the wealthy, Irangate, 9-11, more huge tax cuts for the wealthy (in the middle of two dubious wars we still haven’t paid for), massive deficits, water-boarding, Abu Gharib and water-boarding, banks too big to fail, the Great Recession, the housing crisis – and it Republicans have their way in this Congress, there will be massive cuts to Medicaid and massive tax breaks for the wealthy.


    • ricklucke says:

      I’ve always said the same until now. Today’s Democrat Party is not the same Party that accomplished those beneficial legislations. But that misses my point completely. This past 2016 election was a disgrace of fraudulent practices by a number of entities, including the media, anyone who thought Trump was a valid candidate (HE didn’t even think he was and started his campaign not with an aim of winning, but running as “protest candidate), people who accepted the disgraceful behavior of the DNC which has been totally exposed as a completely corrupt organization. The entire thing was a fraud perpetrated on American voters.

      In politics, the measuring stick should be, “What have you done lately?” not what you did you do 4 or 5 decades ago and how have you helped to undermine those previous accomplishments? Some seem perfectly happy with things as they are, but settling for that is not necessary when we have the means available to change it. Significant change is not achieved conveniently.

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