For Dad

Dad on Bike.jpgToday is Father’s Day, and I’m thinking about my dad, who passed away more than a decade ago. That seems to happen a lot of late. I’m not much of a mystic, but Dad and I seem to communicate more now than we did when he was alive. To put it bluntly, Dad was not easy to get along with, and our conversations too often ended up in an argument.

I used to say Dad was right just often enough to think he was right all the time. I’ve come to realize that I am like him in that respect – and in many others.

What I’ve also come to realize – too late, of course, is that Dad was trying pass on to me what he had learned about love and life. And I’ve come to realize I wasn’t a very good listener.

Obviously, there’s no way to undo any of that, and so I try to pay it forward by passing on my life lessons to my son, who is a better listener than I ever was. Perhaps that is in part due to a lesson I taught him: Nobody ever learned anything with their mouth open.

Years ago, I wrote this song for my dad, and I hope it helps someone else find a way to connect with their Dad on this Father’s Day.

Daddy, I’m Sure Missin’ You Tonight

Oh, Daddy, I’m sure missin’ you tonight
As I pick my pencil up and start to write
I know we’d prob’ly argue and end up in a fight
But, Daddy, I’m sure missin’ you tonight

And, Daddy, do you miss your lonesome son?
And all the things I wish we would have done
I guess all our battles never left much time for fun
But, Daddy, do you miss your lonesome son?

Well, I know you always missed your Daddy, too
Just the way your boy is missin’ you
You sang that sad old song and said it all
“My Daddy’s just a picture on the wall”

Oh, Daddy, guess it’s time to say good-night
And I’m not sure what it is I’m tryin’ to write
But you leave your door open, and I’ll leave on a light
‘Cause, Daddy, I’m sure missin’ you tonight

©2017 Tom Cordle

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14 Responses to For Dad

  1. Rodney says:

    Very nice Tom, thanks for sharing it with me.


  2. Wendy says:

    So beautiful. You always have the words that always whisper to our hearts.


  3. chicagoguy14 says:

    Keep singing my friend!


  4. I recognize my own Dad in your description of yours. It’s good to know we can still hear their words and see them with different eyes.


  5. Debra Rogers says:

    Love it Tom! Somewhat akin to my own fatherly experience. Debra


    • Tom Cordle says:

      Hi, Debra, sounds like we may have something to talk about concerning similar experience. I heard you and Mike were in town recently. Please let me know next time, and maybe we can all do lunch or something


  6. Ferrel Cordle says:

    Now I wish I could hear what he said when I wasn’t listening.


  7. Bonnie says:

    Oh My….he was a handsome devil! Is that you behind him with the hole in the knee?? Sweet song….heartfelt words….it truly is heartbreaking when they leave us b4 we find the words to cross that barrier, eh?


    • Tom Cordle says:

      Yes, that’s me with the raggedy knees and the untamed hair – about 4 years old as best I can recall, and that’s brother Bubby between us. My memories of that age and up till about ten are dim; but unfortunately, the memories of my adolescence are clear, too clear sometimes. It would be wonderful if separation from our parents could come without pain, wonderful, but unlikely.


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