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Pig Roast

This is a roast of a small-fingered man Who fancies that he’s Mister Big He thinks he casts pearls before the swine But he is the one who’s a pig He operates with a simpleton’s mind And an ego as … Continue reading

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The Color of Money

Money-makers are tiresome company, as they have no standard but cash value.” Plato, The Republic Bill Russell, Hall of Fame center for the Boston Celtics, was once asked if he thought money changed people. He replied that it did; it … Continue reading

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No Moore

Like Leigh Korfman, I have been reluctant to address the matter of Roy Moore. Frankly, it shouldn’t have been necessary to expose this particular disgusting behavior – not when his own words and deeds should have long ago condemned him … Continue reading

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A Recipe for Disaster

Nearly a year has passed since the perplexing and near-inexplicable ascendance of Donald of Orange to the throne of this fair land. Most thoughtful and informed citizens hunger for an explanation for his election. Most attempts to explain include a … Continue reading

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Blood and Soiled

In a recent report, Pew Research states 193,442 active duty military personnel are deployed overseas. If true, that would be the smallest number since 1957, again according to Pew. I say if true because a report by Business Insider puts … Continue reading

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Both Sides Now

Antarctica is melting; meanwhile, Hell has frozen over. Well, at least it seems Hell must have frozen over, since I find myself in the unfamiliar position of agreeing, at least in part, with Donald Trump regarding the horrific events in … Continue reading

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Apocalypse Now

I’ve mentioned previously that a friend of mine voted for Trump because he thought the bastard might be the Anti-Christ. When he told me that, I felt like I’d been kicked in the stomach – or maybe even a little … Continue reading

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Donald Trump has compared himself to Andrew Jackson. Fat chance. War-hero Jackson would despise this draft-dodging, womanizing, bullying frat-boy. He most likely would say something equivalent to “keep my name out your mouth” and demand an apology. Continue reading

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Justice Denied

I have watched with considerable dismay the degeneration of the advise and consent process in the Senate. That degeneration is especially troubling when it comes to nominations to the courts. Both parties share the blame for this, but the straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back was the ill-advised decision to deny a well-qualified and decent man like Merrick Garland even the common courtesy of a hearing and a vote. Continue reading

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The “I” Word

Illegitimate claims to the throne rarely turn out well for the usurper. From Claudius to Richard III, history is replete with examples of usurpers who discovered too late that political power depends greatly on perception, that is to say, on the perceived legitimacy of the person wielding that power. Continue reading

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